Resting because of….

by xin on August 1, 2011

Happy Monday ladies! đŸ˜€ No Monday blues for me on this special Monday because I am on a little break! Finally I gathered enough courage to zap my eye.

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Recently, I started taking a new supplement – ling zhi. As some of you might have known, ling zhi has been marketed as a ‘miracle’ supplement that can help to improve skin condition, improve blood circulation, detox and etc. But of course, you will need to take it on a long term to see the […]


Detox patches have been in market for a while, which I believe Kinohimitsu is one of the pioneers. The main benefits of the detox patches are: detox and relieve body aches. Detox patches use the principle of reflexology to absorb toxin circulating or accumulating at the soles of the feet. The soles are the central […]


Have you touched yourself..lately?

by xin on October 7, 2010

Though the title sounds really cheesy…but seriously, when was the last time have you done self-breast examination? October marks a month with special meaning to the females as it is a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Having personally knowing someone who won the battle of breast cancer, it is not easy, seriously. The […]


First seen it on My Women Stuff, I was intrigued by it already. How could a balm possibly help me sleep better? Finally, when I reached a point of insomnia, I knew it was the high time for me to get it already! I even had sleeping pills from doctor, but one pill was enough […]


Weee it’s been more than a month, and I have of course finished my 30-day course of BRAND’S InnerShine Quince Essence! So. How did it really fare? Did it deliver what it has promised to? What I expect to see after the 30-days challenge: