Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

by xin on May 13, 2007

BodyShop Scrub

If you exfoliate your face, you should also exfoliate your body. If you do neither of these, better start fast!

There are really many many brands of body scrub out there, I have tried many of them and today I am going to introduce this Cocoa Butter Body Scrub from The Body Shop to you.

BodyShop Scrub

Unlike other body scrub, this scrub has really rough and big granules, which the scrub really work hard to work its way out. After scrubbing, your skin will be smooth all over. But, I am not sure it’s actually my palm has become smooth or my skin, because, everything I touch after I scrub, is smooth. So, uh… this scrub is very good for scrubbing off dried or stubborn dead skin, especially at the ankle and foot area.

This scrub smells exactly like rubbing coconut on yourself, if you love the smell of coconut or cocoa, you are gonna love this. It’s priced at RM49.00 or maybe more, I think, from The Body Shop.:D Try it out and feedback me.

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Nell May 15, 2007 at 8:32 am

Hey, I like the body shop scrub..but sometimes, they leave an oily residue..


prettybeautiful May 16, 2007 at 3:29 pm

Does it leave oily residue? hmm i never came across problems like that


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