Cyber Colors Auto Eye Brow Pen

by xin on November 8, 2007

Eyebrow pencil is a girl’s next best friend secondary to lip gloss. Well, I think it is even more important to lip gloss if you have sparse or little eyebrow, we can go out without eyeliner, mascara, or a nude face, but not without eyebrow. It is seriously a pain to shape your own eyebrow though.

cybercolors eyebrow pencil

I used to use eyebrow pencil, but this time, I decided to try this auto type, you can just twist and use, without the need of sharpening the tip. Actually all the eyebrow pencils are reasonably affordable, ranging from RM10-RM20. Of course, there are also expensive ones.

I think this Cyber Colors Auto Eye Brow Pen is not bad afterall. It is very easy to twist, and most importantly, quite easy to color. The color is quite lasting as well. This is at Gray Brown, code 6. There is a lighter brown, a black and etc. But, never get a totally black brow pencil, when you color your brows with that, you are going to look like a monster.

This eyebrow pen comes with a brush at the end, you can easily brush and spread the colors to make it look natural. Both ends are covered. Priced at only RM19.90, I think this is good for its price. User friendly, good for those beginners who do not wish to mess up with brows too much. Available at Sasa.

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cass November 21, 2007 at 6:04 am

im buying this!!! my stila one that looks exactly like this will be discontinued!


prettybeautiful November 22, 2007 at 10:33 am

cass: i quite like this personally, hope you find it ok too ^_^


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