Meeting Maxime Poulin – International Makeup Artist from Guerlain

by xin on June 29, 2012

Guerlain Terra Azzurra

Terra Azzurra, the latest makeup collection from Guerlain, which is a collaboration between Guerlain’s Creative Director, Olivier Echaudemaison and Pucci’s Image Director, Laudomia Pucci, inspired by the scenery and landscape of Portofino, Italy.

The collection consists of 11 beautiful products, as it is a summer collection, the colors are warm and vibrant.

I was tempted to getting the Meteorites because of the metal jar, but after second thoughts, I decided I don’t need another Meteorites as I have one already. Being one of the most popular Guerlain’s products, it was created in 1987.

Guerlain - Maxime Poulin

Mr Maxime Poulin, who is a French, is a very humorous  and lively guy. Having traveled so much around the world and red carpet experiences, he shared a couple of really eye-opening stories, and it’s really inspiring to be able to speak to someone who’s so passionate about his job.

Apart from that, we learnt that Terra Cotta (bronzing powder) is one of their biggest products. Guerlain has a huge range of the bronzing powders, and it is also very likely to be the first item a French girl will pick up for their first Guerlain product. This is truly eye opening as I had no idea how big bronzing (or countouring) is in France.  I only have a Stila contouring palette which I occasionally use, but one day I will get my hands on a terra cotta too when I get the hang of contouring.

We had the pleasure to have a chat session with Maxime and he shared his most 3 favorite products with us:

1. Météorites pearls – To add radiance and glow, to correct color tone, and the different color of the pearls will attract and reflect the light.

2. Terracotta bronzing powder – To create a sun-kissed skintone and for contouring.

3. Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact – # 25The perfect red from Guerlain, nothing much, nothing less, and it is just pure red.

Last but not least…

My favorite tip of the day has to be:

How do you know when you are wearing too much makeup?
– When you are in doubt, you are wearing too much makeup!

Apart from all the above, we had the honor of him giving us tips on what contouring is all about.  Click here to read on MyWomenStuff.

Overall, it was quite an experience to learn so much about Guerlain, and the chance to explore Guerlain products.  I have tried a sample of Orchidée Impériale cream and my skin rather liked it, it’s soft, creamy yet not greasy, and I really love the faint fragrance. Unfortunately, the price tag is too big to carry. My skin will have to wait one day.

Anything else that you have tried form Guerlain and it is a must-have?


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Nikki June 29, 2012 at 10:03 am

Sister, that looks like a fun event! Guerlain, ahhhh sooo classy! I love their packaging!


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