My Flu Remedy: Mt Sapola Massage Oil – Harmony

by xin on February 25, 2013

Being a lover of oils, I aim to try out different brands of facial oils and body oils, to compare, and to see what works best for me.

Recently when I was in 1-Utama doing my regular hang out, I noticed this rather secluded shop retailing aromatherapy products. Needless to say, I was really drawn to the lemon grass aroma from the shop.

Mt Sapola – not a brand that I am familiar with or I have seen.

Surprisingly, they carry quite a large variety of aromatherapy products from essential oils to body oils.

Mt Sapola Harmony Body Oil

They must have had at least 10 types of oils in the range, I was particularly interested in this Harmony – as the ingredients seem like quite an awesome blend for respiratory problems such as sinus.

Eucalyptus oil has been widely used in pharmaceutical areas to relieve symptoms like colds or cough. Even some medicines such as lozenges contain eucalyptus!

Infused with also rosemary, lavender, green tea and cucumber, the scent is rather light and fresh, unlike the typical eucalyptus. The rest of the ingredients have toned down the sharp scent of eucalyptus.

Mt Sapola Harmony Body Oil Ingredients

The rest of ingredients are listed on the label, and apparently, Mt Sapola is a Singaporean brand.

I have been using this at night for 2 months, and I find that the rate of my sinus has reduced quite significantly where I used to sneeze daily. As the molecules of essential oils are tiny, it can be absorbed into our blood stream pretty quickly.

Caution: If you are pregnant, you might want to avoid certain body oils that might potentially harm pregnancy, the ingredients to be cautious about are such as rosemary, bitter almond, angelica, juniper, sage and etc.

Mt Sapola Harmony Body Oil texture

The oil is light but quite moisturizing. It is absorbed quite quickly and does not leave any sticky feeling.

You can use this as massage oil, or to replace your body lotions.

Mt Sapola even has a blend of slimming, which is slightly more expensive but it looks interesting!

Have you tried any body oils yet? If you have not, time to change!

Tips: When you are choosing a scent of body oil, you might want to apply a little on you, and step out from the shop to get a good whiff. More often than not, the shop is usually flooded with scents already hence it might be playing tricks on your nose. Take a minute out to see if you really like a certain aroma.

Price: RM 63.50

Availability: 1-Utama, Pavilion

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Nikki February 25, 2013 at 11:17 am

Ah sister, I want to try this but maybe after I give birth! Thanks for the caution, sometimes I tend to forget the harmful ingredients 😀


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