My Leather Project 2 – DIY Doremi The Rubber Band Book™ in A6

by xin on April 20, 2015

The first time I heard of traveler’s notebook was from my friends Lyn and Plue. And I didn’t quite get it why, why would people want to bring their journal everywhere? And journaling every single detail of their life? I was quite curious about why people are going crazy over some notebooks in rubber bands.

Soon, I realized that there’s actually a huge community into this journaling, and most people are using the proprietary product – Midori Traveler’s Notebook. It’s a largish rectangle, of its own size. Hence you are limited to buying their proprietary accessories. I was excited to know more about the charm behind this, but unwilling to part my bucks for the expensive notebook, and it’s too big for my liking, while the passport size is too small for me.

Doremi in Japan

Doremi The Rubber Band Book  enjoying the Hanami!

After some brain-storming session with ParisB, I finally figured out that, it’s better than I take the matter into my own hands, and DIY one!

Since it’s a DIY, I had the freedom of choosing whatever size that suits my needs. I decided on A6 since it is not difficult to get the plain notebooks from local Muji, and it’s the best size for me to carry around.

And, my first generation of Doremi The Rubber Band Book was born! I took it to traveling in Japan, and I must save it’s one of the best things I brought! It’s used to hold my rail pass, tickets, brochures, receipts, and everything else!

Here, I will show you a simple DIY, and it’s actually not tough to DIY at all, the real challenge would be getting all the supply. Bear in mind that while the DIY cost may be high if you have to buy all the supply.

Doremi Ingredients

You will need a piece of leather larger than your notebook size, some elastic bands, belt puncher (not pictured), scissors or a rotary cutter (not pictured).

Measuring Doremi

Put 2 notebooks side by side to get an idea of how big your cover should be, but it’s safe to leave a buffer of at least 1cm on top and bottom, and 2cm extra at each side.  My first version was slightly undersized, hence this is my 2nd version.

Make a marking with a pen at the corner of the notebooks (as circled), and that’s where you will need to punch holes.

Punching holes for doremi

I bought a rotary belt puncher for the holes at the top and bottom, then leather puncher (looks like a nail) for the hole in the middle. For the hole in the middle, that’s where you are going to tie the strap for the book.

Doremi band 1

Now, take an elastic band to loop through the hole, starting from the inside.

doremi band 2

Now, this is a clearer picture of how it looks like.

Doremi band 3

Then, flip the leather and try to thread the elastic band from the left side through the right hole and vice versa.

After this step, I realized that I have forgotten to take the pics when the excitement took control of me!

For better reference, I followed this blog for a clear instruction on working on this elastic bands.

Doremi version 2

And…..*drum roll* Doremi The Rubber Band Book™ v2 was born!

I am using the leftover leather from my DIY clutch project, and I really love the color!

Doremi Calendar

I found this calendar notebook in Muji Japan and it’s my life saviour! I have been looking high and low for a calendar notebook and gave up.

And I think Japan has all the supplies Doremi The Rubber Band Book™ will ever need. This calendar starts from March 2015 to March 2014, and by next April, I will have to beg someone to get it for me from Japan again!

Doremi folder

This is how the inside of my Doremi The Rubber Band Book™ looks like. Clear A6 pockets from Daiso to keep the miscellaneous items, and also a spare elastic band in case I need to strap more things on the go.

And I have laminated the Sakura and now I will have it forever 😀

Doremi pen loop

Since the first gen of Doremi was too small, I was unable to slip a pen loop in it. With this slightly larger skin, I am able to do so! It’s insanely hard to find a pen loop locally, and I am so so happy that I found it in Muji Japan!

There you go! This is my version of a traveler’s notebook. I totally love it and honestly, plotting to-do lists in calendar has really helped me a great deal for remember things and not missing out on big events 😀 I may not be the type who can sketch my lunch or dinner on paper, but I definitely try to make use of paper and pen for important matters instead of counting on my brain 😀

Are you into journaling to?

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lyn April 20, 2015 at 10:12 am

Love your 2nd Doremi! The colour is really pretty 🙂 I like A6 size as well and have a couple of other notebook/journals that I use mainly for artsy stuff in A6.
lyn recently posted..Friday Feature: An Interview with Giftie EtceteraMy Profile


xin April 21, 2015 at 9:22 am

thanks lyn! Down side is, this color is not as oil/dirt resistance as the dark brown.
xin recently posted..My Leather Project 2 – DIY Doremi The Rubber Band Book™ in A6My Profile


plue April 25, 2015 at 12:59 pm

wah this is nice!! the pen loop is available in local Muji la~ hahaha~
plue recently posted..Happy Chinese New Year & Huat Ahhhh!My Profile


xin April 27, 2015 at 8:49 pm

yeahhhh i just found out last week also, can you imagine my frustration? LOL
xin recently posted..My Leather Project 2 – DIY Doremi The Rubber Band Bookâ„¢ in A6My Profile


Nikki May 19, 2015 at 3:33 pm

why are you so good at DIY projects? Darn! If only I have the time, I’ll definitely try this!! But hey I’ll just buy from you! LOL!!! Just joking! I miss you sister, update me how you are!!!!


Jennifer June 14, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Can I please ask where you bought the leather? Thanks!


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