The BodyShop Concealer

by xin on September 5, 2006


I am always in love with the Body Shop products. This is the concealer i have always wanted to buy. It comes in 2 tones. This is the darker shade. It is really case independant to get a concealer than will match your skin color. It will look weird if your concealer is much lighter than your skin tone. It is always better to try it before you buy and, get the shop assistant for help.

This pencil like concealer is quite easy to apply onto my skin and blends quite well. I need this to conceal my dark circles, but it doesn’t really cover up sometimes when i have darker rings. But it is ok to cover some pimple marks, after another layer of foundation, everything will be perfect. This concealer is priced at RM 35.00.


If you have extra budget, you could get this sharpener for your concealer too. But i think it’s a little overpriced. It’s freaking RM11.00 for a sharperner.Maybe you could find some ways to DIY or sharpen your concealer. I have yet to try this out when my concealer tip is totally flat.


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