Weekend Room Improvement Project – Installing LACK Wall Shelf from Ikea

by xin on April 7, 2014

Over the week, I had some thoughts of improving and maximizing my current room space, it’s not easy as I have erm, maximized every corner possible and since it’s impossible to grow more space other than throwing out my junk.

Lack wall shelf

Instead, I should probably make use of the wall space. So, after some research, it seemed that Ikea LACK series wall shelf was my best bet without turning my room into looking like a workshop.

It’s a 30x26cm block, comes in black and white, at RM29.90. Not the cheapest around, but it’s definitely one of the better looking ones.

There are few sizes of panels and since I am only planning to use a corner of my bed room, so we decided on this square blocks instead of the long shelves.


The first important thing is to know your wall, wall shelves like these do not have a bottom support hence it has to be mounted on your wall to a strong screw, and most likely you will also need wall plugs.

You need to get the measurement right and make sure that you drill the hole straight for to get the level even.

drilling wall

To reduce the trauma/impact for drilling, best to cover your furniture with huge garbage bag, and prepare a vacuum cleaner to directly suck the dust off the drilling.

However, it will require 2 person to be able to drill and to catch the dust at the same time. It really makes  A LOT of difference with a vacuum cleaner in hand.

aromatherapy corner

After some massive noise and dust, my zen corner is done!

I am going to dedicate a shelf to my most used products, but of course small items. It would be dangerous if I knock my head into the shelf.

To prevent items from the possibility of slipping off the shelves, I have added a non-slip map on top for security.

lack shelves done

I placed the canvas photo on the top shelves since it’s more difficult to reach, or until I have something better to place.

This is our we spent our little weekend time, and I absolutely adore this corner now 😀 and I think it’s quite an artsy masterpiece 😀

Do you love wall shelves too?

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