Your Say: How far will you go to regrow your hair?

by xin on March 2, 2016

Hair fall has been a more and more common in today’s society, and it’s faced by a generally younger generation.

Honestly, it can be quite depressing, not up to the extend of ‘jeopardizing dignity’, but I can assure you that it definitely lower one’s confidence.

I have tried countless hair growth shampoo/serum in desperation to revive my crown, but I can tell you honestly, none worked as good as one that I have come across.

However, this particular one method that I have tried was a double sword – it really had helped me to grow my hair, BUT, it had also disrupted my menstrual cycle, and a mustache as a bonus!

Long story short, I was approached by this renowned local skin specialist for aesthetic treatment. My biggest concern – was naturally my thinning scalp.  When I was told that my problem was not severe after a diagnosis, I was rejoiced!


I was given a set of hair care products, and also one month’s supply of hair growth supplement.  Unsure of what it was, I was only told that it was ‘natural & herbal’.

You see, I am no doctor nor do I own a lab to verify the ingredients, so my choice was to either follow the instructions or abandon the treatment.

3 weeks later…voila!

My hair was back! Bigger than ever!

Hair before & after

While I was drowning in joy, little did I notice that, other than the hair on my head, I started to have facial hair and mustache too! And even on my finger!


Well, to my horror, as if they just appeared overnight!!!!



And if it’s not bad enough, I started to have weird menstruation cycle, instead of a normal 5-day cycle, my menses only lasted half a day, with just some tiny drops. And trust me, I thought I was having menopause already! All these symptoms appeared after I have finished that one month’s supply of ‘herbal supplement’. However, my hay-wired cycles lasted 4 months. And later, finally, my mustache disappeared on its own when I had given up the mirror.

I did feedback to the person in charge, unfortunately, I did not get any satisfactory answer as they only insisted that it was ‘herbal & natural’.  Other than hair growth treatment, I had undergone their mole removal treatment (which did not work either).

My advise? Even though you think you are getting a ‘professional advise’ from a renowned doctor, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be careful of what is given to you orally. I haven’t had any bad results from topical treatment yet, but unless you are desperate, I wouldn’t advice any supplement like this for the ladies, as I suspect it contained androgen, hence the unwanted hair growth, and weird menstruation cycles.

So, my question is :If someone tells you: Hey, I can help you with your hair! How far will you sacrifice to regain your hair?

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