Not long ago, I picked up 2 of the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brushes from because I needed more brushes, having read about quite some good reviews on them, and really really affordable price tag, there was no reason not to try out. The first brush that I picked was this powder brush, it’s […]


Konjac Sponge – Is it worth the hype?

by xin on October 22, 2012

Konjac sponge became a huge hit in the market a while ago and yes, I refused to jump on the bandwagon, after all, so much hype for a piece of sponge at the high price? At last, I gave in when a friend asked me if I wanted it. It was purchased at Sasa Singapore […]


Just a while ago when I was doing my usual roaming in the mall, I was attracted by this particular lingerie shop that I have been seeing – neubodi. Since they were having some promotion, so I decided to test some out. One can never have too many bras anyway NOTE: The price of neubodi […]


For all the goodness of the non-woven cotton puff that I have read, can’t believe why I was never a regular! The only reason I could think of is – it is usually expensive, and whenever I buy cotton pads, they usually come in 3+1 pack and it took forever to finish the boxes! With […]


Ladies and gentlemen… Please applaud to welcome my latest and proudest (almost) purchase of the year -Braun Buffel Luisa Card Holder! True to the line – love comes when you least expect it. My quest for the perfect purse had been going on for quite a while till I gave up. My ideal wallet is: […]


When I first saw Beauty Blender on Nikki’s blog, I was impressed by the little sponge, but at the same time I did not like the price. However, I have kept this little cutie in mind till one day I finally ‘splurged’ and got this with free shipping promo code from Say Hello to […]