Just a while ago when I was doing my usual roaming in the mall, I was attracted by this particular lingerie shop that I have been seeing – neubodi. Since they were having some promotion, so I decided to test some out. One can never have too many bras anyway NOTE: The price of neubodi […]


For all the goodness of the non-woven cotton puff that I have read, can’t believe why I was never a regular! The only reason I could think of is – it is usually expensive, and whenever I buy cotton pads, they usually come in 3+1 pack and it took forever to finish the boxes! With […]


Ladies and gentlemen… Please applaud to welcome my latest and proudest (almost) purchase of the year -Braun Buffel Luisa Card Holder! True to the line – love comes when you least expect it. My quest for the perfect purse had been going on for quite a while till I gave up. My ideal wallet is: […]


When I first saw Beauty Blender on Nikki’s blog, I was impressed by the little sponge, but at the same time I did not like the price. However, I have kept this little cutie in mind till one day I finally ‘splurged’ and got this with free shipping promo code from Say Hello to […]


Have you ever stepped into Kenzo boutique in Starhill before? Well it was my first time too! It was quite an eye-opener for me to witness the ‘high fashion’. You will understand me when you read till the bottom. Kenzo – Spring Summer Collection 2011. The suede-looking bag retails at about RM4k+, it comes in […]

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  When we hear or see the brand Le Sportsac, we always relate it to ‘lightweight bags with bright, cheerful prints’. Unfortunately, there are plenty of imitations too! You might think that it is ridiculous to pay that amount for a mere nylon bag, think again. The fakes are of bad quality especially the zippers […]

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