Sungei Wang is not my favorite place to hang out at, but sometimes I do find some gems there! Such as, this Sutra Shining Girl Eyeshadow Quad. According to the seller, it is a Korean brand but it seems like China/Taiwan made product because there at the back of the box everything is printed in […]


Laneige has been in Malaysia for some time, and to be honest, I have never paid attention to this brand until I was in Korea. There was a Laneige flagship store in Myeongdong and it was 2-storey high! And one thing about the Korea trend (I assume) is, they like to buy things in bulk! […]


It has been no secret that I have extremely oily lids. (Why oh why!) No matter what liquid liner, pencil liner I used, they all smudged on me. If you also have oily lids, trust me, I know the pain. Just when I thought there was no more hope for ever lasting gel liner in […]


Since I have done quite some damage a week ago, I gotta be loving my damage right? Now I totally am! Goodbye panda eye!!! Naked eye – dark circle, eye bag. ( too much late nights ) or i might need to quit my job or stop blogging to reduce straining my eyes. LOL. Using […]


With so many brands offering Christmas/Holiday Collection, it is really hard to decide sometimes what is the best we can get within the budget. Stage Cosmetics has released the Holiday Collection – Burlesque Ball 2009, which I think it is quite worth getting. The classic packaging. No fancy pancy, but it is quite scratch-proof. And […]


Review: Stage Lash Curler

by xin on October 29, 2009

Just few days ago, I picked up an lash curler from Stage, thanks to bee who only spent 5 secs to poison me 😛 The normal looking packaging. Comes with an extra silicone. Look! The curvature is just right. It works quite well for me, because this is unlike the usual curler with the flat […]