I don’t know if it’s just me…but I notice that most Asians like to leave the last piece of meat/leaf on the plate, out of courtesy? I have no idea. So. one day when I was clearing my dresser, I found quite a couple of bottles of unfinished skincare. And yes, to my horror, I […]


Over the years, I have used countless body lotions, however, I realized that I tend to favor the fragrance ones, especially the rose or lavender scent. Even with DIY with lotion base, my choice of essential oil is either rose geranium or lavender essential oils. Recently, I started using Kielh’s body lotion and  I was […]


Scent, is indeed a very subjective matter. What smells good to me could be smelling like a rotten dead animal to you. ( Not so extreme, but something to the effect) In my sought of different combinations of oils with essential oils, I have learnt that most of the base oils have the nutty/seedy smell, […]


Yesterday, I have shown you this picture of my current dresser, but now I am going to show you the details! 😀 It’s coming to year end…and I just realized that I have never really ‘reviewed’ my skincare routine for this year! It’s ironic at the same time because I review products all the time! […]


Share: What’s on Your Dresser?

by xin on November 10, 2011

When I was doing some decluttering on my dresser one day…I suddenly realized that I am actually doing A LOT of stuff daily! And it is getting more and more crowded!


Your say: Is Too Much Sleep Making You Tired?

by xin on September 26, 2011

Recently, I have been whining on twitter about how tired and sleepy I am despite my regularly-8-hour-sleep routine. It’s strange to notice how my demand of sleeping hours has changed over the years. P/S: My twitter account is @huixin, you can follow me if you are interested. Sometimes when I have slept for too long, […]