A while back, I was suffering from really dehydrated skin and dehydrated bank account as well trying to salvage my skin. When I first tried my first tube of Esmeria Glasswort Moisturizing Cream for Dry and Mature skin, it still was not sufficient for my skin, and I had to top up with hydrating serum […]


I picked up a bottle of Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Light when I bought the Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser. On the website, it says: Replenishes moisture & preps skin for following skin care Easily penetrates deep layers & relieves thirsty skin Adjusts pH balance with active ingredients Minimizes & reduces visibility of pores Repairs skin […]


Evian Facial Spray

by xin on May 11, 2008

Ever since I started using Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water, i am so in love with facial water now. However, the price of Avene is rather steep, and since i am a hardcore user now, i would give this Evial facial spray a try. It is now RM35.88 for 3 bottles of 50ml at […]


I have seen many people recommending using spring water before applying powder foundation, and when reapplying make up. However, I never tried it until I got this bottle of Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water. I have not been a fan of 2-way cake foundation, because I somehow just could not get the powder nice […]


Kanebo Freshel White C Facial Toner

by xin on April 3, 2008

There was a store sale in Sasa last month, so, I bought my bottle of Kanebo Freshel White C Facial Toner on the sale day for the item. Its original price was RM43.70, but it was buy one free one on that day, so, i got 2 for RM43.70. I have another Kanebo Cleansing Gel […]

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SES Balancing Toner

by xin on February 15, 2008

For all my life, i have only used the regular toner. However this time, since my skin condition is rather unstable, dry skin on the outside and oily inside so I need to tune it back. I was recommended this SES Balancing Toner by my beautician to restore the skin balance. True that. I have […]