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Having read countless articles on the goodness of lemons, I am an occasional fan – when I am not lazy. A while ago, I came across a recipe of making lemon honey concentrate, which I thought was quite a good idea to eliminate the hassle of juicing lemon daily. Ingredients: 2-3 fresh lemons, jar of […]


It’s been a while since I last featured a tip, mainly because I have not discovered anything worth sharing. However, no thanks to what happened about 2 weeks ago, I remembered an old tip that I have heard of. Long story short, my car became a victim of blind driver, who, I believed reversed into […]


It’s a super picture heavy post so be warned! 2 weeks ago,  I visited Manila on a spur of the moment (partially), and had it planned out in just a few days. I had no idea what to expect in the Philipines – except for the massive traffic jam. But I was armed with an […]


Phew! That was a long title. About a year ago, I posted my skincare routine in November 2011 , and I was absolutely stunned when I re-read the post, and the number of products I used! Ever since I decided that I had enough of extraction during facial, I have stopped facial for a good […]


Christmas is around the corner, buying gifts can cost quite some bomb alright, and cute small greeting cards don’t come cheap either. And most people do not keep the cards anyway. So, what if there’s a way that can help you save money and the environment same time? Image taken from google. If you love […]


Over the weekend, I went for my session of private make up coaching session with Dior, and I liked that it’s private and really hands-on session! It was done at Gardens Hotel in a spacious room, it was a 1-1 session so you can ask all the questions you want and have a feel of […]

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