Nail Art

In the latest release of Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick and Vernis, there are 16 shades of lipsticks and 4 new nail polishes. The nail polishes are accompanied by a twin lipstick with the same name each. I really like the polishes as 3 out of 4 are in pink/red tone! Totally attention seeking 😀 Interesting, […]


Ever since I landed my hands on Galahad, I knew I had to get a second color, or more! It’s quite an exaggerating way of putting it, but I did! From The Legend collection, here’s the 2 I picked up: Order of Garter and Bridal Veil. Just because I am so excited to have both […]


Growing a Garden on My Nails…Literally!

by xin on November 16, 2011

On some days, I have serious nail art’s block…means, no matter how much I try to think to create, or try to create, the designs will just come out meh, which can be super annoying! It is also on days like these that I remember I have some stock of nail art stuff. Including these […]


Hi pretties, aren’t you glad that it’s Friday again? It’s been a 2 day off for me, but definitely not enough, certainly wouldn’t mind for more holidays 😉 Nail art is fun and …rewarding 😀 Complicated designs aside, I am going to show you something simpler today for a French Tip manicure. You will need: […]


Happy mid-week! 😀 As I was arranging all my nail polishes in my Helmer, I discovered that I have quite a couple of orange polishes in different shades from different brands. Among the lot, Lucent Orange Pearl from Elianto is my favorite of all! And my head started thinking the designs I could do with […]


NOTD: Elegant Nails in 30 Minutes

by xin on August 5, 2011

Have a dinner to go but you are dreading your bare nails with tight time line or tight budget? Worry not, all you need now is 30 minutes to spare and also a base coat, your theme color, and a shimmer polish. NEVER EVER skip the base coat. A thin layer of base coat will […]