For the Very Dry Skin or Matured Skin: Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil Review

by xin on October 24, 2011

About 2 months back, I have told you about Melvita coming to Malaysia, apparently the first outlet has opened in KLCC, and coming soon to 1-Utama!

Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil

I have also shown you my love for facial oils, and that has not included my pure essential oils collection 😉 but that will be next.

Topic of the day will be – Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil, which was given to me for review.

Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil Descriptions

The description on the box.

For the uninitiated, rose hip oil is one of the best traditional beauty oils around because of its richness in fatty acids. It has several benefits such as:

  • Anti-aging
  • Lightens scars & marks
  • Reduces stretch mark
  • Hydration especially for dry skin

However, if you have combination or acne prone skin, it is better to stay away from this as it might cause breakouts or congestion.

I have been using it on alternate nights and have not experienced any unusual congestion nor breakouts. I have dry combination skin which is only dry on the surface. I am glad this oil also helps to revive my skin when it is really dehydrated or when I have patch allergy! (sometimes I experience some annoying itchy red and dry patch on the side of my face)

With this oil, the principle is really less is more. You need not more than a light pump for the entire face and neck area. Since this oil is relatively affordable compared to other brands, you can use it generously on other areas too! I am not sure if it has helped me to lighten any acne marks, but I have noticed that some of the dark scars have faded a little. It could be a combination of everything that I have been using, including the Clarisonic Mia.

Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil on hand

This is how the oil looks like in 2 pumps.

It’s thick and oily, and has a typical oily seedy smell.

To minimize the greasiness, I like to apply it right after my toner  when my face is still damp, then gently massage the oil into the skin. I find it to be the best way to let the oil sinks into the skin; otherwise, it sits on top of the skin. I love the result next morning – supple skin with the ‘boing’ effect!

Melvita Organic Rose Hip Oil Leaking bottle

However, if I have to point out one dislike – it has to be the pump bottle!

For some reasons, all my oils in pump bottles have a leaking problem which makes it really not travel-friendly, and it is absolutely annoying when the oil leaks out in your travel case. 🙁

I really wish it came in a traditional blue glass dropper bottle instead, it would be perfect.

Overall, I am liking this oil as one of my night routines, it’s affordable, and it works for me. That’s good enough.  Of course, I can’t vouch for its 100% efficacy in all of the above mentioned advantages, I believe it might take up to years to see the real result.

Tips: When you have leftover after applying on your face you can:

1. Apply the oil at your elbow or feet to soften the skin
2. Apply it to the ends of your hair for extra nourishment when it is still damp, stay away from the scalp to prevent greasiness.

Price: RM137/50ml
Availability: KLCC, 1-Utama (to be opened soon)

A 50ml can easily last you for more than a year with daily usage and application at other areas. If it works for you, you save a lot in a long run!

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