The Beauty Budget Guide for Brides-To-Be: 9 tips for hair care

by xin on June 29, 2010

beauty budget

Assuming that you have had some sort of plans to get married, it is advisable that you start keeping your hair long in advanced, say 6-12 months before the photoshoot or wedding day. To avoid bad hair day, or hair looking like hay, it is better to start your preparation earlier.

The reason is pretty obvious:  Long hair means more choices of hair style!

To take care of your hair, there are some tips that I think worked for me.

1. Hair shampoo – If you think you have found the perfect shampoo for yourself, please stick to the shampoo and do not be adventurous.  Do not experiment any new shampoo when the big day is near. Who knows the new shampoo gives you loads of dandruff or causes unexpected hair fall? If you need safe options, you might want to explore Yuan shampoo.

2. Hair conditioner – It’s important to use a hair conditioner after each shampoo regardless short or long hair, you can rinse it off when you are done with your body shower.

capsules, leave on serum

3. Hair mask – If you have no extra budget to go for treatments in hair saloon, please use any hair mask diligently, if you want to see result. In fact, any hair mask would do the job. Here I recommend Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Hair Recovery Treatment because it is cheap and it works! It is only less than RM15 and a tub can last you forever. I use it as my daily hair conditioner.

4. Moisturizing hair spray If you have the habit of blow-drying your hair, I recommend you to use moisturizing hair spray before blow-drying to retain the moisture in your hair. Seriously there IS a difference.

5. Hair serum – If you have long hair and tonnes of split ends, hair serum will be your best friend. Apply the serum only at the ends of your hair so that your scalp will not be greasy.  I am a fan of the Ellips hair capsules as they are my savior during emergency, eg when my hair is SO dry after all the styling and twisting. They work magic!

hair extensions

6. Hair Extension – If you can’t bear the thought of having long hair, or have thin hair, you might want to consider using hair extension. They are cool and it is nothing to be ashamed of! Here,  I have a strand of long curl, and also a fringe.  I have done a review for how to fake bangs and seriously i think this is also my HG item. LOL. The long curl was only RM45 while the fringe was RM48.

hair extension

Here is my picture with the hair extension in one of the wedding receptions. I must say it is as good as my hair, and extremely easy to use!

hair extension - bangs

And then for the real wedding day, I decided to use the bangs instead of the long curl.

7. Hair color – In my opinion, it would be nice to have brown highlights on your head. I may not suggest full head color as the color may fade. Let’s say you color your hair for photoshoot 4 months prior to your wedding. After 4 months, the color would have much faded and it would look odd on the roots. Then you might need to go for full head color again, and it might destroy your already dry hair.

As for highlights, the strands of color may still look fine after a few months and some may even be more obvious! If you are also tight on budget, try coloring with Hoyu Beauteen Hair Color, it is cheap, easy to use, and will not spoil your hair.

8. Hair cut – NEVER EVER, NEVER try a new stylist or any funky hair style, just trim the ends if you have to, and that’s it. Any major changes please save it for after your wedding. I had the temptations to cut my hair short, but at last I only did it after wedding.

9. Hair loss – If you have been experiencing unknown cause of sudden hair loss, rapidly, it is better to go for professional check before the condition turns worse. I have personally experienced one time hair check and treatment in Hair care 101, it was certainly not as scary as I thought.

The above tips are absolutely only my personal experiences and recommendations.  And honestly, and most importantly, they did not cost a bomb!

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Nikki June 29, 2010 at 10:24 am

wow, didn’t look like fake hair at all!!! You are very pretty and blooming on your wedding day my sister! I am sorry I wasn’t there!


Jenn June 29, 2010 at 9:14 pm

You look so beautiful on your big day!!! <3

And oh, one tip – if you MUST color your whole head, do it maximum ONE week away from your big day. I made a mistake of dying my hair two weeks before my wedding, and by the time the red letter day comes, can see the dark roots already! 🙁


gio June 30, 2010 at 7:25 pm

You look gorgeous on your wedding day! And thanks for the great tips.


Reese July 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I should really start doing hair mask or treatment, wanted to use natural ingredients for my hair, but so lazy to start, I think I will bow in to using commercial ones like Sunsilk as you recommended.


Myrna January 26, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Hair extension was my thing last time I had my hair short. Now I have it long. Just don’t overdo yourself when having an extension. And do not go to a place where there is too much wind. I experienced my partner noticed I used one. 🙂
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