Welcoming the spring/summer, we have quite a few new whitening products for us to embrace the hot sun with an open heart. I love whitening products, not because I want to really whiten my skin, but I hope for lightening marks and evening out my skin tone. Shisedo has launched a new serum a while […]


Spring/Summer is always the exciting time for new collection and movies! And did you notice all the new whitening products on shelves now? Introducing – the Laneige White Renew Plus whitening care range. We had a little fun test on how effective the White Renew Plus products are by using apples as we all know […]


About a month ago, Artistry Amway has launched a new product that promises Softer, Radian Skin in Just 8 Minutes. So, what is it? Presenting the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. This revolutionary product contains a breakthrough Mushroom Enzyme, for a gentler, naturally-derived alternative to a chemical peel. In short, it is a type of […]


If you have been following TV program/ magazines/ shopping malls, I am sure you have already seen the advertisement of the new Clarins Shaping Facial Lift. It is now an upgraded version with more effective ingredients. It is recommended that we use 4 pumps for our face and neck massage. The product comes in a […]


Clarins has recently launched a new range of skincare – code named the White Plus HP with Sea Lily Enriched. Now that I am almost done with the trial set I got, time for review! 😀 Pearl-To-Cream Brightening Cleanser, 125ml at RM110. (Picture above is a traveling size of 30ml) Just squeeze a little on […]


UPDATE: After speaking to professional from Clarins, I would like to have a piece of advice here for girls who are trying out this serum. If you have oily skin: – you can use this only at day or night (whichever environment dries you out more). – use it once in 2 days or as […]