Friday Shopping: NEW Melvita Concept Store in 1 Mont Kiara!

by xin on August 29, 2014

A week or two ago, I had the chance to be invited to visit the new concept store of Melvita, which was opened in 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall about a month ago, which was a relocation from KLCC.

Melvita 1 Mont Kiara

Hello brand new shop!

Melvita Beauty Oils

Upon entrance, you are welcomed by the 3 humongous oils in test tubes. They are their signatures of Melvita.

Having tried a couple of their oils, I must say my favorite has to be calendula. Unlike rosehip or avocado, it’s one of the lightest oils and it doesn’t have much scent to it.

Something worth a mention here is also the greens on the wall, it’s actually preserved mosses, and carefully pinned to real tree bark.

Melvita Monthly Pick

There is also a section featuring a monthly pick for you to have their latest products at a glance.

Melvita Red Clay Soap

What caught my eye was these bars of red clay soaps. They look like they can soften my skin, but soaps do not come cheap either.

Sadly, I have a tendency of 3-minute passion with soaps. I can’t seem to handle soaps very well especially when it comes to storage.

Melvita History


There’s also history of Melvita for those who are new to this French organic brand.

Do give this shop a tour when you are in 1MK, the sales staff are quite friendly and knowledgeable. So, just ask away!

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